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I'm Felictia, Feli for short. Welcome to my blog! Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia but current
ly stationed in Malaysia, English is definitely not my first language, so expect a lot of grammatical  errors here and there.

Being as opinionated as me, I just couldn't help but share my thoughts anywhere I could on anything really, and books does not exempt. It didn't take long until I discovered the world of book blogging and want a taste of it for my own. Obsessed with any kind of out-of-this-world fiction, give me unique reality that I will never have the chance to live in, swoon worthy heroes and a kick-ass heroine and I. Am. Sold! 

If it's not obvious yet, other than reviews and books, I tend to get bored and learn new random things, ending up with me being passionate about traditional and digital arts, may or may not make random weird graphics when I'm bored (Case in point my picture here). Do check out my page HERE for more info on my graphic skills, I'm always looking for new projects for my portfolio so please hit me up! ;)

Feel free to request for reviews, thumbnails, online ads design, or even talk to a fellow book blogger by contacting me down below (I promise you it is all for free, don't be scared. I love me some new book experiences). For requests please consider my review policy for higher chance to be approved.

Unfortunately, the term 'The Four Eyed Cat' wasn't something that just pops into my head. It all started when I was editing my own picture. I was meaning to change my head for a cat's head, but apparently, My head is to long for a regular cat, and the only one that fits my head is this cat's head with four eyes (It's that picture on the right). Then, several months later, I decided to make my own book blog and I had no idea what to name it. Before, this blog is actually called FLD READS, FLD for Felide (feli deru, me) and I am not so proud of it, since let's face it, it's kinda lame. And I saw my own picture and thought "hey, The Four Eyed Cat Reviews sounds awesome" and voila! And also I thought the term four eyed could also be related to being a reader, you know how hardcore book readers are sometimes stereotyped as someone with glasses. Yeah.

9th of August 2013.

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