If you are an author/ publisher looking for a review for your book, you've come to the right place! The Four Eyed Cat Reviews is all about fictional romance novels. Having at least a hint of romance in your book and a happily ever after earn you a huge chance of getting approved while requesting a review here. For the detailed information of my preferred genres, you can check out the list below;

- YA, NA or Adult romance
(Not against F/F, M/M, or Menage but not keen on reading it, so please no. sorry)
- Contemporary Romance
- Sci-Fi / Fantasy
- Paranormal Romance
- Dystopia / Post-apocalyptic
- Steampunk

On the contrary, I was never interested in reading in reading any non-fiction, auto-biographies, Children literature, religious titles, and poetries.

I accept ebooks (epub, DRM, mobi, pdf) or physical copies as long as its possible to be shipped, considering I live almost on the other side of the world (Indonesia / Malaysia). Copies sent to The Four Eyed Cat Reviews are guarantied to be used for personal use only unless asked to do otherwise.

I totally accept self published books and ARCs, as long as it fits with the criteria.

What to expect from The Four Eyed Cat Reviews?

Although highly appreciated, sending a copy does not guarantee you a five star rating. I will only be posting an honest review of the title. You can send me extra links and promotional informations to be shared on the blog.

The review is going to be published on this blog, Goodreads, B&N (if available). I am not able to post on Amazon for several reasons. You can send me links to other websites if you want me to post my review somewhere else (that is not Amazon), and I'll see what I can do. Links are going to be emailed as soon as all the reviews are up, and the link to the blog review is also going to be shared on my twitter (@felide)

Ready for a review? contact me directly at
with the title and a link to your goodreads book page (if not available, you can just copy paste the book's details and description on the email)

I will respond with either approval or disapproval of the request as soon as I get to your email. If no response was received within two days contact me again through my email or social medias to make sure it is not lost within the junk mail.

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