MTBABLB #1 : Spoiler-aholic

I had nothing to do last night, and I was really  bored that I decided to check out my own blog. And it was a mistake because now I know (on...

I had nothing to do last night, and I was really bored that I decided to check out my own blog. And it was a mistake because now I know (one of) the reason why this blog was really invisible (not famous and all) and here it is: it's boring. Well, at least I think it is. I know it's "The Four Eyed Cat Reviews" but I admit, a blog with only reviews in it was a bit boring, no offense. Except if your reviews are super cool and demanded unlike mine (why does this sound really sad?). So here comes MTBABLB: which stands for making-this-blog-a-bit-less-boring. MTBABLB is posts that may or may be not related to books that is not a review, A.K.A something that might make this blog a bit more interesting.

Now, as the first step MTBABLB I'm going to tell you about my addiction, or a habit? I don't know. I can't believe I'm saying this and this might sound a bit cliche but, my heart is fragile. I didn't mean it literally. Every time I finished reading a book with cliffhangers and no sequel I got really mad that I could actually complain about it for at least the whole day, and not to the author but to everyone around me, the ones that have no idea about the book. And I am hurt. I don't know why but the disappointment could actually stop me from reading other books for several days, or weeks. And I hate it. Worst, it also happens with the sad books. Even the ones that other people thinks that it wasn't sad enough, I cried. I felt really stupid when one of my family member barge in my room and found me weeping over a book (or a movie) and those sadness lasts. I hate that too. So here comes my addiction. I am addicted to Spoilers

If available, I read the Epilogue before the Prologue, I read reviews full of spoilers. And that is bad because I tend to drop lots of books down just because it doesn't have the ending that I wanted. Currently, the only books that I read without any spoiler was only the Shatter Me seriesDivergent trilogy, and Under the Never Sky trilogy. So please, if you had any tips on fighting this addiction, comment! or tell me if you had the same addiction? maybe we could be besties, lol.

Oh yeah, and even worst, I just found out that the addiction runs in the family. My aunt always watch the ending of a film before watching it. *sigh*

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