Amateur Photoshop Works (Full Version)

Hi everyone, so as some of you would know, there had been a bookmark contest for Of Neptune by Anna Banks. And unfortunately (and as I thought) I didn't won. But no hard feelings, I personally thought the winner looked really awesome, better than mine by miles. But I thought, why not share my entry, why let it go to waste? so here I am. But first, I want to tell you that I never used Photoshop for other reason than school assignment before this one ok, I know these below are amateur work, please keep your painful thoughts to your self. (I'm still hurt that I didn't win lol)

Things I'd do for signed books (lol). Ok while we're talking about my amateur Photoshop works, why not share the other amateur works of mine? These are gif advertising banners I make for American Specter.

And this one's another version of it.

Oh and the American Specter book tour banner? I made that too because of my love for the book. (The first amateur Photoshop work I make)

Thanks you guys for scrolling and reading this post toward the end. I love you! you don't know how much it meant to me for appreciating my amateur works. Because I just. Couldn't. Stand. Photoshop.


  1. Well, I personally think your work is really good! I couldn´t do it if my life depended on it :D

    1. That is really nice of you to think so! I couldn't even start how much your words meant to me. Thanks!!


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