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Hi guys, if you noticed I've posted about this several days ago. About my addiction with thumbnails. What is that? look at that slider above? and the picture inside it? that is what I am addicted with. I know it's amateur work but if you're interested (somehow) you can check out my SLIDER THUMBNAILS tab above for more of my amateur Photoshop works. You could also request your own thumbnail (For FREE. Because I love making those things)

Several days ago, I got this brilliant idea. I want to feature two blogs every month! (for the sake of making thumbnails and decorating my beloved slider *grins*) If you got featured, I'm going to make a thumbnail for you and hang it up there on my lovely slider! (if you prefer to make your own thumbnail though, it's okay too! send it to me and I would still hang it up there! the size must be 600px x 292px)

How to get featured? (if you're interested that is)
Just email me at or simply comment below! tell me that you're interested :-)
I'll tell you what I need on the email, btw, THIS IS TOTALLY FREE so don't worry!

You'll be featured on my blog as Blogger of the Month! (think of it as if I'm advertising your blog here... so everyone who visit could see your blog!)
Thanks! have a nice day!
 photo button.png

* remember this is a first come first serve so who comes first get the part ;-)
SLOT: NONE LEFT :-( come again next month?


  1. Thats a grt idea Feli.. I would love to be featured..:)

    -Njkinny @ Njkinny's World of Books

  2. This is a really good idea Feli... would love to be featured! :)

    ~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

    1. sorry... this is a first come first serve thingy :-( maybe you could sign up next month?


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