What is your holliday activity?

Hi everyone! Another show-off post here (where I post pictures or anything that may be unrelated to books. It's all because I'm too happy with it that I want to share it with the world). So here in Indonesia, the 12th graders (including me) are going to have our national exam in about... 2 weeks! And the two weeks before it? It's all about free time. I had 3 days off now and I decided to do something fun!! (Except reading of course, I still read on my free time) (swooning over hot guys excluded, even though it is definitely counted as 'fun')

Most of you would know about Gundam.  Something that you make by your self! I mean, they give you the parts and you turn it into a figure (some kind of a robot).

My friend Adis from Littlecookie74 also bought one. I'll attach the link to her post when she's finished. (The one on the picture is her)

It was super fun, you should try it. Seriously. Not a kid game (/thing). And here's the finished product!! I finished it in like... an hour?

She's really cute. That's the reason why I bought this, Gundam figures are rarely girls. They're usually random some-kind-of-a-robot figure. 

Aaand there's the sexy robot leg. That's one thing that I do on my holidays, the other thing that is not reading? Sleeping. And swooning. Over things like this smile. 

So what do you guys do on your holidays? Tell me on the comments below! (Except reading of course. Because most of you (including me) always reads. Not something new there.)


  1. gash man im too lazy to post it today maybe tomorrow noon :v


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