Blogger of the Month! (April 2014) #latepost

Hi there everyone, if you noticed, there are a few changes happening here. Now I decided to choose bloggers and feature them instead of you guys signing in. (I'll contact you when you're it.) And instead of two, this month I'm choosing only one. So it would feel even more special when you're chosen *wink*.

I am sorry that I didn't post this soon enough, there's just too many things on my plate right now... anyway, moving on to this month's Blogger of the Month!

Ashly @ Books 'N' Go
Books 'N' Go is a book blog full of memes, amazing photos, hauls, and reviews that you wouldn't want to miss out! So make sure you guys check out the blog!

That's it for this month! make sure you clicked on the thumbnail above and have a happy day you guys!
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