(review) The Deep End of the Sea by Heather Lyons

The Deep End of the Sea  by Heather Lyons Release date: February 5th 2014 Publisher: Cerulean Books Source: Bought (Paperback) ...

The Deep End of the Sea 
by Heather Lyons
Release date: February 5th 2014
Publisher: Cerulean Books
Source: Bought (Paperback)
The Deep End of the Sea
What if all the legends you’ve learned were wrong?

Brutally attacked by one god and unfairly cursed by another she faithfully served, Medusa has spent the last two thousand years living out her punishment on an enchanted isle in the Aegean Sea. A far cry from the monster legends depict, she’s spent her time educating herself, gardening, and desperately trying to frighten away adventure seekers who occasionally end up, much to her dismay, as statues when they manage to catch her off guard. As time marches on without her, Medusa wishes for nothing more than to be given a second chance at a life stolen away at far too young an age.

But then comes a day when Hermes, one of the few friends she still has and the only deity she trusts, petitions the rest of the gods and goddesses to reverse the curse. Thus begins a journey toward healing and redemption, of reclaiming a life after tragedy, and of just how powerful friendship and love can be—because sometimes, you have to sink in the deep end of the sea before you can rise back up again.


The thing that catches my interest the most is the main character and narrator, Medusa. Of course most of you knew her, the half reptilian girl with hair made of snakes and eyes that could turn anyone, even the Gods, into stones. We all knew her as this hideous, scary, and evil creature from the Greek mythology, but some of us also knew that her background story, why she ended up like that, is not that pretty. She was raped by the God of the seas Poseidon and cursed by none other than the Goddess of war Athena, the one she faithfully served, then Medusa was forced to spend a lonely eternity in an isolated island as a half reptilian.

I had always adored Greek mythology, hell, I actually read the real stories as much as I can. And of course I wouldn't say no to a book like this. Such a refreshing story. The world of Greek mythology wasn't that pretty in my eyes, with lots of affairs, hatred, curses, and everything else. But the world of The Deep End of the Sea was not that bad, Gods and Goddesses love was forever, and I thought that was really sweet. I am kinda annoyed how 'this God marries this Goddess and then this God marries this goddess too' happen a lot in the real myth, and I am totally not a fan of polygamy or polyandry. One reason why I love this book there. And the characters. How I love the characters.

If the God Hermes really do exist and he is as sweet as this Hermes, I would gladly worships him. (lol, I'm not actually changing my religion ok, still a Christian. Just kidding.) He is like the sweetest guy... God I've ever met. He cares for Medusa even with her scales, snakes, snake body, and everything else! she slithers for God's sake, and he's not even disgusted! I mean, is this kind of guy still exist? lol. There's no doubt that I love Medusa. She's a bit fragile, yes. But she's also strong in the 'stay-sane-even-with-all-this-conflicts-happening' way, she was cursed, she was lonely, she was forced to kill, but she stay strong. I totally admired her for that.

I could feel the romance building up here. It felt really natural that it was so beautiful. Totally into the writing style. Could. Not. Stop. Before. I'm. Done. Love the plot, and love the twists. Love everything.

Enough said, this book was PURR-FECT. And guys, guys. Seriously, if you knew any other amazing Greek mythology retelling... RECOMMEND ME. I BEG YOU.

5 EYED OPEN (5/5)

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  1. Hi,
    Great review!
    I love Greek Mythology.
    I've read the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan and really loved that.

    Happy reading!
    Myra from http://imlovingbooks.blogspot.nl/

    1. Thanks! I've watched the movies before and I thought it was not that bad, and I know the books are better! thanks for the recommendation! Percy is absolutely in my TBR list ;)


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