Going Hiatus (in taking requests)

Hi everyone, I'm here now to announce my hiatus. Yes, as in break and not reading and reviewing anything for a while. I'm not taking review requests at the moment. But don't worry, for those requests that I've accepted before this post is published, I'm still going to give you a review.

I do say I'm going on a hiatus, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't post anything. At least until I reviewed all books that I promised (review requests) and finish with all events that I signed up for before this post.

There's nothing going on, except that I am moving away to a new country (yay) to go to a university, and I thought I need some time to settle things up and everything. So, yeah. I'll be back after all is good don't worry, I'll end up reading again in no time.

Thanks for your time reading this, if you do.
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  1. Good luck with everything! I hope your move goes smoothly :)

  2. Hey! Good luck with your moving into college. It's more than an apt excuse for putting things away and leaving some of the stuff you do behind. Packing things can never be more bittersweet. However, I believe that as long as you go forward with all your wise plans in place, everything will turn out fine.

    John McDonough @ The Studemont Group

    1. I'm glad you understood how important this is. And thank you so much for the great advice!


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