Help a fellow book lover in need?

Hi again guys! here I would like to say, yes lovely authors from netgalley, I am aware that I still need lots to be reviewed (and it's long overdue) I am deeply sorry. But I promise you soon! ;-) (I feel so guily :-( )

But anyway, fellow book readers! hi. I currently have a soft spot for second chance romance novels that most preferably have equal status between the protagonists. I'm being confusing huh. I mean the rich/famous guy falls for normal girl thing is just getting really old for me. I need like a famous guy falls for famous girl for a chance, or maybe famous girl falls for normal guy? that sounds rare. (Its like my hidden feminism speaking lol) Does any of you have any recommendation?

Please please please comment down below (or recommend me through my Goodreads, that works too), your recommendations would mean the world!
Thank you so much for strolling anyway and spending your time reading this.

Hugs and kisses,

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