New layout and a little bit of notice

Hi there! thanks for reading my blog lol. I know people don't come here a lot ;) but anyway, if you noticed, I made a few changes yay. And a new button, double yay. What do you guys think?

Yeah I know. So important (am saying it in sarcastic manner). But that's not all! I just want to notify you guys that I might be a tad MIA these couple of weeks since my final project for the semester is like due next week. And I'm kinda going to be working my a*s off no sleep and all to finish it. If you're an author and I owe you a review, I'm sorry :( You can check out my Goodreads tho, sometimes I posted my reviews there before I finally posted here. (Link in about / contact tab above)

Thanks for reading guys! wish me luck :'-)

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