Random Rants: I love cheesy romance novels and I'm not ashamed.

WARNING: this is me ranting, cursing is expected. If you're actually following and reading my posts, you're probably wondering ...

WARNING: this is me ranting, cursing is expected.

If you're actually following and reading my posts, you're probably wondering what the hell is this and why am I writing this instead of posting reviews.

Well fellow bloggers and beloved readers, welcome to the "Random Rants" section of The Four Eyed Cat Reviews. Where I basically rant about things that I can't seem to say directly to people around me.

Being around people who reads To Kill a Mockingbird, hardcore classics, or other awesome-yet-serious novels is a challenge for me, who loves to read light young adult or new adult romance novels and erotica here and there. No, I'm not ashamed for my reading preferences but somehow I felt like everyone is trying to make me feel bad about it. I do read serious stuffs sometimes if I have to but I don't enjoy it as much as my usual stuff.

I really don't know where this come from, but people! Reading 'advanced' novels does not make you better than me or anyone who choose to read something else! Please understand that people have their own right to choose what they want to read, and stop judging people god damnit. I'm not saying this to everyone who prefers serious books because I have met friendly people who respect my choices.

Omg now I'm just repeating everything am I. What I'm trying to say here is just, if you love reading? Awesome! You love reading serious books? Double awesome! But please stop narrowing your eyes or even think "oh don't trust her opinion she only likes young adult, cheesy romance novels, not advanced enough" "who is she joking? She is not a reader" like wtf? They might be cheesy romance novels but they are still books. Someone even told me once that I read for the sake of my libido not for the sake of reading, I don't even know what to say to that. I did say i enjoy eroticas lol but I don't only read them. Again, stop judging! Oh and stop trying to force me to read more advanced serious novels! If I want abs and hot shirtless guys on my book covers I get shirtless guys on my book covers!

Ok sorry for shouting lol. I'm just really annoyed with people who says "those novels are not worth to be called literature" yea ok whatever. I don't care if its called trash or worthless piece of shit, I enjoy them so shut the fuck up. Tell me, does this normally happen or my friends is just a bunch of assholes with a stick stuck up their asses. Lol I still love you guys tho, real life friends who did this to me. Just. Stop. (Wow thats long sorry)


p.s. Ok I just remembered that I might did this to someone long time ago, back when I didn't read any books at all, which make me sound like a hypocrite. If you're reading this, I'm sorry for judging you ok. I don't know what got into me. 

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