A little bit of a notice ;)

Hey you amazing person, you! thanks for visiting my blog! Anyway, if you followed my posts or authors that was expecting a review from me, I want to say I am so sorry for the delay! I did post book blitz, reveals, and blog tours, but those are scheduled so no problem there. As for reviews... Authors! Netgalley authors! I have reviews for you ready but as a kinda perfectionist creature, I just have to post it neatly, at least like I usually do. And for that I'm gonna need to open my laptop and such. (Typed this by phone)

My life right now is so cramped with assignments from uni that I can barely breathe. So again, sorry for the delays. I'm going to upload more reviews soon! I promise. hopefully during this weekend.
bye for now!

The Four Eyed Cat Reviews

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