BATMAN V SUPERMAN Late Movie Review!

I  was gonna post this review last week when I just watched the movie and the feels was still fresh, but unfortunately I can't. Being an...

I was gonna post this review last week when I just watched the movie and the feels was still fresh, but unfortunately I can't. Being an art student will do that to your free time. So here I am finally, sharing my late review of the currently talked about (do they still talk about it?) movie, Batman v Superman. 

I wouldn't say my thoughts really matter since I didn't read the comic books and instead rely on my brother's knowledge, people in youtube talking about these marvel / DC character back stories and the movies, thus that makes me kinda feel bad for judging. (Not saying that I wouldn't pick up the comic books one of these days, because I will.)

Anyway, for that sole reason above I begin questioning "is it only me?" Or "Is there something that I'm missing here that makes me feel like the pace is friggin slow in the beginning?" Or was it actually too fast? I don't even know anymore. The action, costume, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot sold it to me. Superman is still hot but just ok, and Lex Luthor? Damn he's just crazy. Back to the point where I'm not well acquainted with the comic books, but I never quite pictured Lex Luthor to be this annoyingly crazy it's not funny.

As I said before, the action is amazing, the animation is amazing, the costume is amazing. But the storyline? Oh God. I might not read comics but as a reader and reviewer I think I deserve to say that this movie is quite... messy. There is just so many things happening with all the future justice league members being introduced, Batman's and Superman's story(?) and everything.

At least for me personally, I wouldn't mind cliche predictable plot line as long as it was told in the interesting way. Not trying to compare DC and Marvel or anything but take Deadpool for example. Super simple plot, but with the interesting non chronologically narrated plot line I felt like the cliche plot doesn't matter anymore. I guess probably the cuts made Batman V Superman choppy and messy, I don't know. 

I bet some true DC fan out there who reads this is gonna be like she don't even know what she's talking about, the movie was great, if something's wrong it's not about some silly pace or its plain chronologically narrated plot. (My brother said that) But you know, I just can't help this urge to share my personal opinion.

Would I recommend this movie to people for them to watch? Is it worth watching? Yea why not, my friends enjoyed the movie enough, maybe you'll get your own opinion. But if I have to rate it 1 to 10 (10 the highest) I would give it 7...? Hopefully they put more effort in the storyline for the upcoming Justice League movie, don't disappoint me!

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