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Welcome to my tour stop for Vengeful Love by Laura Carter! this tour is organised by Kismet Book Tours. Had an amazing time readi...

Welcome to my tour stop for Vengeful Love by Laura Carter! this tour is organised by Kismet Book Tours. Had an amazing time reading the book! super recommended to you guys who love some steamy romance novel complete with amazing heroine and alpha hero. Check out my review and short interview below ;)

Vengeful Love
by Laura Carter
(Vengeful Love #1)
Series: Vengeful Love #1
Release: March 21st 2016 by Carina Press

He’s a devastatingly handsome, filthy-rich CEO. She’s a high-flying London lawyer. All it takes is one boardroom pitch. One hostile takeover.
Vengeful Love is darkly suspenseful, sinfully sexy white-collar romance at its very best.

I’ve always walked the straight and narrow—following the rules, never straying from my chosen path.
Until Mr. Sexy Bazillionaire CEO Gregory Ryans walked into my life. It was only supposed to be business, but one brush of his wicked lips against my skin changed everything.
I can’t deny what this man inspires in me. I’ll do anything he asks…even help destroy the enemies from his past.
But he’s hiding more than he’s telling me.
When our love leads to tragedy, there’s no going back. Gregory’s past is trying to kill our future.
They say love can bring a person to their knees.
I’ve just proven that vengeful love is the strongest force of all.

Book One of the Vengeful Love Series

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I was super excited when I found out about this book and I just had to join the blog tour. And lucky enough, I was granted a copy! huge thanks to Laura Carter and Kismet Book Tours.

Vengeful Love is the type of book that you just simply can't put down. Although the pace was a tad too slow for me in the beginning, the whole story was so well written that the slow pace doesn't really matter anymore. the characters was also well developed that you just can't not fall in love with them. Our Heroine Scarlett is someone that I would expect in the novels that I read, she is smart, funny, and amazing. She might not be the badass female warrior but she will fight as best as she could (not with fists but as a lawyer) for those she loved, and that, is also considered badass in my dictionary. And there's Gregory, our too-hot-and-friggin-perfect-to-be-true hero. I mean yes he might be annoying sometimes with his controlling alpha male persona, but if Scarlett doesn't want him anymore he could always go to my house and I'll take him.

Another thing I loved about this novel is that everything is backed with a strong knowledge and information. I don't know if its because of the author herself is a lawyer (yes I checked her goodreads bio) or merely a great research, but the fact that Scarlett is a lawyer and she acts like it is awesome. Some novels I read in the past had made the character claim that he or she is a doctor, for example, but instead of doing what doctors do and knowing what his or her patient's disease are, they just kept saying "I'm a doctor", that doesn't work for me and thank goodness that Vengeful Love is nothing like that.

Overall, this book is definitely something that I would pick up and re-read again. Totally psyched for the next instalment I can barely wait. Totally recommended!

4 EYES OPEN (4/5)


Laura is a lawyer by day, working for a global business law firm. By night, she puts pen to paper, writing about wealthy billionaires and sassy alpha females.
Laura grew up in England, UK and has spent a lot of time travelling the world. It was whilst she was living in Australia in 2009 that she began drafting her first novel (now safely in a drawer for a later date!).
In 2012, working as a lawyer in London, inspired by the blinding lights and corporate world, the writing bug bit Laura again. From a small bedroom in the city, Gregory Ryans and Scarlett Heath were born in the first book of the Vengeful Love trilogy.


I had the amazing opportunity to get a short interview with Laura Carter herself! enjoy ;)

1. Please tell us a little bit about your new series, Vengeful Love! And what the readers can expect from this first instalment?

Vengeful Love is a steamy white-collar romance between a lawyer and her seriously hot, filthy-rich client. Scarlett and Gregory are both alphas in their own way, which makes for a few feisty show-downs. Their pasts have left them scarred and though they don’t realise it, they look to one another emotionally, each craving the strength of the other. Through all of this, is a dark, suspenseful plot full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the bitter end.

2. What inspired you to write Vengeful Love?

I am a business lawyer by day and I guess that’s where the initial idea of a lawyer falling for her client came from. I was living and working in London at the time. Each day I’d walk past the Shard, which was under construction, and I kept wondering what the building would look like when the construction works were finished. Around that time, I read an article about a handful of £50 million apartments to be built in the tip of the Shard and I wondered who could afford to live in a place like that. Cue a devastatingly handsome billionaire who lives in the Shard and is in need of a sassy, high-flying lawyer to assist with his latest deal.

3. Any writing tips you want to share to aspiring authors out there?

I’m sure they won’t suit every writer but here are a few tips I stand by:
• Write ‘THE END’ before you start editing.
• Plotting is a good idea but listen to your characters, too. Give them space to grow and tell their own story.
• Believe in your work. If you don’t, no one else will.
• Read. Read. READ.

4. Who’s your favourite character from this book and why?

This is the meanest question in the history of questions! ☺ Well, I just love Scarlett. She has so many different levels. She’s strong and sassy but doesn’t know it. In Vengeful Love (#1), she falls hard for Gregory and he largely has the upperhand in the relationship but he can never take Scarlett for granted, she makes sure of it. Of course, I adore Mr. Ryans. I created my fantasy billionaire so I’d find it hard not to swoon over him. He has a lot of flaws, he’s almost the anti-hero, but he has many redeemable qualities, too. And he plays a huge role in Scarlett’s growth over the course of the series. I didn’t answer your question, did I?

5. Anything you want to say to the readers?

Thank you so much for reading Vengeful Love. I hope you take Scarlett and Gregory into your hearts and enjoy their story.

(Thanks for answering my questions Laura!)



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