Why books are so important for me

Oh look another post dedicated to my rants. You're awesome for taking your time reading this. Anyway, so many things have happened to me in this couple of weeks and I just feel like I need somewhere to talk, where someone could actually read it. Nothing major, just simply... Talking.

If you don't know, I am currently attending university to get my degree in Fashion design. Something I would never thought of choosing but I did. And despite what most people (in my university at least) would think, fashion design is hard. There may be some bimbos here and there but I bet they might be better at maths than you. Anyway, the point is, there is just so many things that had to be done even early in the semester like I am right now, and on top of that I had to face so many problems back in my home country that could mess with my student visa if its not solved by the end of next week. So yeah, I am officially in a really really dark place right now and I am exhausted.

These particular times in my life where everything is just wrong and you feel like nothing is right, is where I would find sanctuary inside my novels. A moment of bliss where you can just let yourself forget who you are and what you are supposed to do. So yeah, basically books are life. I don't know what I'm going to do without them in my life. I owe you lots authors!!

Anyway, I know this post is far from important. But thanks for reading anyway! Feel free to share your thoughts about novels down below ;)

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