So since when did The Four Eyed Cat Reviews post movie reviews? Since... Whenever I feel like it lol. Anyway, I just saw the new Cloverfield movie and I feel like I'll go crazy if I don't share my thoughts about it.

I never watched Cloverfield (I should now) and I was not really a fan of those scary alien/ monsters scifi type of movies, so I wasn't really expecting anything from 10 Cloverfield Lane. Like seriously if my friend didn't blurt out that she wanted to watch something in the cinema today (I secretly do too) we wouldn't have randomly picked this movie to watch and I wouldn't be this giddy and happy right now after a few hours of awesomeness. 

There is just so many elements going on, thriller, science fiction, gigantic scary looking aliens, and post apocalypse but somehow everything molds into this one perfect movie. I. Am. Impressed. Add a strong and resourceful heroine, great plot, suspense, and twists? this movie is an easy perfect star for me. Personally I thought every aspect of this movie is just a two thumbs up, from the camera work, animation, casts, and even the script. Some people may not enjoy it as much as I do, but hey, everyone has their opinion right? ;) but anyway, as if it's not obvious from these paragraphs, I am completely and utterly recommending this movie.

Gotta go watch the first one now! share your thoughts about the movie down below!

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