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Hi there! It's me, finally after so long. Anyway, I got this sudden urge of sharing my favourites to the whole universe. So, without any...

Hi there! It's me, finally after so long. Anyway, I got this sudden urge of sharing my favourites to the whole universe. So, without any further ado. (Not in order) Click on the titles to redirect you to Goodreads.

Paranormal Romance
This genre is sharing the throne of being my #1 favourite genre with Contemporary Romance, so you can say I had a lot of experience.

NIGHT HUNTRESS SERIES by Jeaniene Frost [Adult]
If I can turn back time and read this series all over again, I'll do it. This is a book about half-vampire Vampire slayer, Cat and her target turned lover Bones. I may have failed in summarising this series and sell this to you, but trust me there is so much more going on here. This novel has everything that I look for in a novel, Badass heroine, charming and not any less badass Hero, amazing plot line, First person POV!, and a no cheating-bulshit kind of romance. This series is just to die for. Cat and Bones had been and will always be one of my top favourite power couple! The author's other series NIGHT PRINCE is also a must-read!

ANGEL SERIES by Melanie Tomlin [Adult]
It's an understatement to say that Helena doesn't have an easy life, and when she was attacked by a rogue vampire and instead of dying, turned into... something, it gets even more complicated.
I can't even decide which one I loved more between this series and Night Huntress. Angel Series had been perfect! each and every pages was sprinkled with magic that you just can't help but read more and more until you realise later on that you are totally sleep deprived. Helena had been one of the most badass heroine ever and I love her! Same goes to her gentler yet still hot and powerful counterpart, the Angel Danizriel. From Heaven to Hell, (literally) this series is an adventure you don't wanna miss. Check out my review for the books in this series here.

GUILD HUNTER SERIES by Nalini Singh [Adult]
Vampire hunter Elena is the best one you can get. And when she was hired to do an impossible task by the archangel Raphael? things get complicated ;)
Despite this one coming not being in the same #1 throne as the two above, I love it nevertheless. The characters and the plot is amazing! I love me some twists here and there. And again, if you don't know yet, I am all for badass heroines. And I don't know what our heroine Elena is if she is not badass. And you know that swoony dark powerful and Alpha heroes that we love in romance novels? yep, the angel Raphael is one.

ANGELBOUND ORIGINS SERIES by Christina Bauer [New Adult]
The writing style of this book is just so amazing I practically gulped the whole book down in less than a day. Christina has been one of my favourite authors ever since I finished the first book. Another badass heroine? hell yeah. Half demon half angel Myla is simply someone I would love to see in all my reads. And when she was paired with the amazingly and not less awesome high prince of the Thrax (half-human half-angel), Lincoln? chemistry. A lot of it. This book is just awesome layered with more awesomeness. My reviews.

ALPHA GIRL SERIES by Aileen Erin [New Adult]
Another gold from the same publisher as the Angelbound Series! Aileen Erin delivered an amazing plot and character development that you just have no choice but to read this. Tessa was never the normal one, with the ability to peek into the past (and present?) simply by touching something, she was forced to walk around in gloves. When she suddenly got bitten by a werewolf, thing gets even more complicated. My reviews.

Contemporary Romance (NA/Adult)
Another favourite genre right up! Basically something that I would read when I don't feel like reading any more paranormals.

TALON by Carian Cole [New Adult]
I read this in the end of 2015 and I still can't get over it. This book is just Perfect with the capital P! the plot is so interesting and the writing style is to die for. As a social experiment, Asia were asked to list down the things that she would love in a spouse, then she were supposed to marry a total stranger and live with him for six months. When the guy she found in the altar was the absolute opposite of the things in her list? things got interesting. I just can't get enough of this book! it's a total must read. My review.

Drifting towards the more comedic side of contemporary romance, this series is the perfect read for everyone really! For some people having a one night stand is not a big deal, but a later knocked up Claire might say otherwise. fast forward a few years, she is now a single mom of an adorably foul mouthed toddler. Life was good until suddenly the infamous one night stand shows up in her hometown. Tara Sivec had become one of the best authors I encountered so far, and since I finished the series I've been craving and devouring all her new publishes. This author control my emotions I swear.

THE VINCENT BROTHERS by Abbi Glines [New Adult]
This got to be one of the most painful books I've ever read (in a good way). Our heroine Lana had been in love with Sawyer Vincent, her childhood friend and cousin's boyfriend (now ex). But with his recent breakup, getting Sawyer will not be easy. This is the second book in the series and I don't even read the first one, but this had easily slipped in my short list. If you're looking for some heartbreak and pain before it would be relieved by a happily ever after? this is the book for you.

LANA by R.K Lilley [Adult]
It's a bit eerie how the two books in this planet that succeeded in making me cry had the same heroine name (point above), Lana had been in love with her father's apprentice, Akira since she could remember. To the point that she lose her virginity to him later on, only to found out that he saw her as nothing but a sister. Heartbroken, she decided to hop on the plane and never look back. Now forced to come back, she had to face the one man she can't seem to get over. This book is pain sprinkled by more pain. It might be a novella, but the heartbreak is real! must. read.

RIGHT by Jana Aston [NA/ Adult]
This is hands down one of my favorites! Jana Aston's writing style had been a 10/10 for me. Our sassy and lovable heroine, Everly had always thought her brother's friend was her mr. Right, not knowing that one day the universe would stop her on her tracks and slap her in the forehead with a possibility that maybe her Mr. Right wasn't the Right one for her after all. This is a must read if you need a cute (and sexy of course) romantic read full of amazing characters.

Not really a genre that I would go for, due to its heroine usually being meek and protected (if she was born into the mafia or married to) so there's only one series that I would totally totally! recommend.

Melody Giovanni had always been trained to be the leader of the Italian Mob since she was little, even though she is a woman. With the two families, the Italian and the Irish have decided to merge and end the war between them, Melody are forced to marry Liam Callaghan, the future leader of the Irish mob. Melody and Liam had to be the best power couple I have even encountered until now. I almost cried when I finished reading the last instalment, that's how awesome this series are.

That's it for now! but of course, these are not even close to covering all of my favourites, you can check out my goodreads list for more! click here. Please comment and recommend me more books if you have one! that'll totally make my day ;)

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