[Review] How to Catch a (Falling) Star by Gabrielle Aquilina

How to Catch a (Falling) Star  by Gabrielle Aquilina Series: How to Catch a Star #2 Publisher: So Vain Books Published: 28th J...

How to Catch a (Falling) Star 
by Gabrielle Aquilina
Series: How to Catch a Star #2
Publisher: So Vain Books
Published: 28th July 2016

The much anticipated sequel to the new adult bestseller "How to Catch a (Rock) Star"

Johnny Moretti, bassist of American rock band The Dead Hour, is hot, single and in demand with women, but he’s becoming disillusioned with the rock star lifestyle. Not that he wants to settle down like his band mate, Jed. Hell, no. He just wants something more out of life than meaningless hook-ups.

While filming for a popular UK chat show, he meets American TV actress Darcy Swanson for the second time. As with the first time they met, there’s no love lost between them so when their lives are thrown together unexpectedly when a traumatic incident involving movie superstar Jack Ford occurs, neither knows quite how to handle it.

With Johnny facing prison and Darcy’s hard-earned career in serious jeopardy, they both need to confront their pasts and face up to the truth, but are they be brave enough to do it?

A web of Hollywood cover-ups begins to surface, but will Johnny and Darcy be the first spark to light the fire and run the risk of getting seriously burnt or will they stay silent and suffer the consequences?

Thanks for Gabrielle Aquilina and Netgalley for the copy! I have to apologise for not posting a review of this book after so long. This has got to be one of the longest read this year, and not because of the word count and pages.

The moment the blurb was published I was so damn excited to read this book, and as much as I want to promote and say that I enjoyed this book, it kind of fell short in the writing style department for me. I felt like it was not as engaging as I hoped. I read the first book previously and I noticed the same problem, but then again maybe it's just me. It wasn't that the plot was lacking any conflicts or nothing happens, it was actually the other way around. This book was packed with conflicts that at some point it just felt a tad exhausting. And I just can't seem to connect with any of the protagonists. I expected to love the main heroine, Darcy for being a 'strong independent badass' that I hoped she would be but no. I tried to see things from her point of view and I get it really, but unfortunately she just didn't make it into the short list of favourite characters. And there's Johnny. For someone who always fell in love with the Hero I was kind of surprised when Johnny didn't make that big of an impression to me. For once abs and good looks are not enough for this bibliophile.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this book. But if you're curious, you should totally give it a chance maybe you'll end up liking it.

2 EYES OPEN (2/5)

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