For those who are wondering where I am right now

Hey people! In case you don't know who's blog you drift into, I'm Feli.

Some of you may notice how dead  this blog might seem to look like. But yeah, I really tried to keep it alive by posting some promos (since I'm in a master list of Xpresso Book Tours anyway) and reviews here and there. For authors who were sure that my blog url appeared in their blitz list or something and I haven't posted it yet I am deeply sorry. I'm kind of in a half hiatus right now.

I currently got into an internship program in a magazine company! which is really exciting for me personally (since I dream to be a professional writer) yet am kinda fully occupied. So anyway, hit me up on my email if I missed your blitz (so sorry) and I'll try to post it asap!

Review requests are still open, yet please make sure there's at least a month interval until the due date when I need to post it. Just click on the REVIEW POLICY above for further details.

So yep. That's about me, how are you? (Feel free to comment and tell me how your christmas decoration's going!)


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