[MOVIE REVIEW] Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Please be warned that this review is FULL OF SPOILERS. Read further at your own risk!

Let me just say how conflicted I am with this one. When it all started I have no clue at all what this movie is going to be about, who the hell our main heroine Jyn Erso is or everything else except for the fact that they're in the rebellion and that it happened before the original trilogy (clue to Mon Mothma and the existence of the rebellion). With all those questions running in my head, I was more busy at being irritated for being clueless rather than enjoying it for a third portion of the movie. And then! It all started unfold nicely. All the cameos, easter eggs and everything was just completely fabulous. I was quite amazed how well they fit Rogue One into the Star Wars saga.

Through the middle part of the movie, when they found out about how to destroy the Death Star and planned to acquire "the plans" I know that Jyn and her troops won't end this story with the success of blowing up Death Star (because we all know who did that), and I was getting really excited of where they're going to bring us. Or how it's going to end.

For me personally the script and the cast are amazing despite me getting a tad bored at the beginning. And the ending. Ugh! I can't even begin to describe how much I love it. I swear I got shivers when princess Leia made her appearance. The ending was my favorite part to be honest.

Overall, this movie actually made a great impact to me compared to The Force Awakens. Kind of disappointed that we still didn't know who the hell Rey is and that the entire cool members of Rogue one died, but we kind of saw that coming right?

Would I recommend this to Star Wars fans? Heck yeah. Just make sure you watched at least the original trilogy...

[8 out of 10]

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