[Review] Angel's Body by Melanie Tomlin

Angel's Body By Melanie Tomlin Publisher: Kylani Press Published: February 14th 2017 One body, two souls ... Helena ...

Angel's Body
By Melanie Tomlin

Publisher: Kylani Press
Published: February 14th 2017

One body, two souls ...

Helena is possessed by a demon, and those who matter most to her are blind to her plight. She's trapped in a body that she no longer controls, her soul in a constant state of torture.

Desperate to be take back what is hers, Helena tries time and again to overcome the deranged demonic spirit that is using her body to wreak havoc in the mortal world.

The demon, furious at Helena's attempts to thwart it and regain control, seeks an exorcist to cast her out. The time has come for Helena to take a final stand and fight for her freedom.

Only one of them can survive, but which one?

I was given an arc of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.
Melanie Tomlin never cease to amaze me. After three great instalments before this one, I could have never imagined what else is there that could be told and to be honest, I was quite worried that it would feel stretched. But nope. You can trust Melanie Tomlin to bring you a great new exciting adventure in each and every one of her novels, and Angel’s Body did not exempt.

Helena and Danizriel are in for another adventure! topping off the usual routine of kicking ass and hot romance like the previous instalments, Helena is now possessed by a demon. Used as a medium to bring chaos towards the mortal world, she had to get the full control of her body back.

I swear this may be the closest thing to horror novels that I’ve been (the paranormal and ghost novels I’ve read was mostly focusing towards romance instead of exorcism), being the scaredy cat that I am, and if not for the author’s intriguing writing style to push me forward, I would probably already close the book in fright the first time someone mentioned “possession.” But damn I love the plot. And the characters, and the writing style. One chapter and you’re gone. great previous instalments had set the bars high and I’m just really glad that this book does not disappoint.

Overall, YES. I am recommending this book to all paranormal fiction readers out there, although you should probably pick up the previous books first to understand what’s going on.


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