[Review] The Game Changer By Megan Ryder

The Game Changer
By Megan Ryder
(Knights of Passion #3)
Published: February 23rd 2017

All-star catcher Dylan Prosser always has his head in the game. Accustomed to keeping opponents from stealing bases, Dylan is completely focused on getting the team to the playoffs no matter what the cost. He definitely doesn’t expect anyone to steal his heart and turn his life upside down–least of all, a stray dog and a beautiful girl.

After the ultimate abandonment by her family, Savannah Monroe channels her savior-complex tendencies into helping animals because they can't hurt her like people can. Life at the animal rescue shelter has always provided the security and personal reward that she needs to be happy while protecting her heart.

But as she works with Sadie, Savannah soon realizes that his dog isn’t the only one who needs saving…

I recieved a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
The Game Changer may be great for those who are looking for a sweet sports romance between a pro baseball player and a dog saving enthusiast. I was really intrigued when I found this book and was excited to read it, but unfortunately the book kind of fell short for me in the character’s development. I just can’t seem to connect with the characters despite me being a dog lover myself. And although the plot does have a potential, I felt that the pace was a bit slow (or maybe I’m just used to fast paced novels, who knows).

Overall, it was an ok for me. Not hating it but not loving it either. Would I recommend it? yeah, why not. Despite me not fully loving it, this book seemed like something new adult romance lovers would enjoy.

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