Cleaning up a bit

It's not that important actually, but I just want to post it.
It has been months since The Four Eyed Cat Reviews was born (I'm not really sure of the date though. This used to be my random blog before I remake it) and lots of things happened since then. Interesting widgets, cool badges, and super awesome series banners made this blog crowded. It is crowded, don't lie. So I'm going to clean it up!

Consider this as a notice, so you won't be shocked when this blog became private later on. I'm going to change the header and several other things, and when I do, I like to keep it closed so no one could see how messy my blog is in the middle of my "re-construction". There won't be many new stuffs, just the header and several things. I won't do this today, maybe next week when I'm available (curse you school works)

So yeah, just an advance notice for you my tiny army of awesome followers! (is that even a word...)

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