Introducing the New Rating System!

The rating system's the same actually. I'm still using a 5/5 but! I'm banishing the stars! Now I'm going to use a cat! (four eyed cat to be precise) 5 eyes open (5 stars, since four eyed cat have 4 eyes, one of them are post it) to no eyes open (no stars)

5 eyes open (4 eyes + 1 fake eyes on a post it)
AMAZING. It was PURR-FECT! Love it so much, everything about it. One of my favorite books, would probably re-read it again in the future! Super recommended!

4 eyes open
Love it, still one of my favorites but wouldn't re-read it. Recommended!

3 eyes open
Like it. Not one of my favorites, I disliked at least 50% of the book (either it was the plot, characters, or anything else) not really recommended.

2 eyes open
It was ok... I managed to finish it but it was flat, didn't pull me at all. Would not recommend it.

1 eyes open
Dislike it! I warned you! Do not even try to read it. It was BORING.

No eyes open
HORRIBLE. Don't even think about reading this. I never rated a book with this 'no eyes open' so far, so that's good. It was DNF (for those who don't know, it means Do Not Finish). Even a cat wouldn't want to see it.

Credits for my brother! he made those cute four eyed cats above! 


  1. I have been meaning to ask this question since I joined...why the 4 eyed cat? what gave you the idea?
    Talented brother BTW :).

    1. Hi! nice question! You can see my answer here (I put it there just now because I thought it was quite important :-P) thanks for the compliment btw! My brother said thanks!

    2. Haha - got it ;).


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