Hi! Feli here! Just want to wish you a happy new year! I wanted to give you a new year doodle, but unfortunately I lost my pen somewhere on the Indian Ocean... (Went on a vacation to Sumatera) so no doodle, sorry :-( 

But instead of doodle, I'm going to share some picture(s) from Sumatera~ 

Me chillin' on the beautiful beach of Pulau Banyak, Aceh.

See, It's beautiful. I'll just share those two for now...

So yeah, I know lots of people had their own new year resolution, so what's yours? Feel free to comment below! For me it's just... Trying to get less lazier hahaha. I'll edit this post again if I think of another resolution :-P

"HAPPY MEOW YEAR" from the four eyed cat. I cannot express how much I love you, my not-so-many army of awesome followers. And for authors with incredible imaginations who prevents me from having a dull life. 2013 was awesome, hope it gets better this year! 

Oh, and I just want to share how honored I am to be on the Top Ten Readers of 2013 (by Inky). It was the best new year gift ever!


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