My Thoughts About Divergent (Movie)

I am so damn excited to finally watch this movie! Divergent was my first fandom. And Divergent played a big role in my 'reading life' (more details CLICK HERE). I didn't let my expectation went high because book adapted movies tend to disappoint me, but I can promise you that this won't be as disappointing, in fact, I actually loved this movie.

There are several aspects to be disappointed to, such as the incomplete story line. But that's the consequence, you can't put everything on the movie, or it'll be too long. I do have a tiny bit of issues with the story line, I was looking forward for some scenes and lines but they're just not there. And I'm sad. But I thought it's still great nevertheless. 

The casts! omfg. I thought they are perfect. Not that perfect if you compare them physically with the ones in the book, but I thought the casts played their roles really well! Theo James was even hotter than I thought! How is that even possible? (He looks like a bear with a great body. This is a compliment. Love him so much) And Shai! love her too,she's really pretty. The other characters are also well played! (that kiss between Four and Tris? Hot with the capital H). Overall, I am 1/8 dissapointed and 7/8 in love with this movie. 

P.S. Do you find the 'Veronica Roth Cameo'? she looked good as a Dauntless.

(I'm not going to rate this, all you need to know is that I am recommending it to you.) Check out my Divergent book review.

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