MTBABLB #2: Reading and Writing Playlist!

Hello there people! welcome to another attempt of making-this-blog-a-bit-less-boring! hence the title. This section is going to be where I'm going to talk about other things that may or may not be related to books, basically like random ramblings. I just post these things because I felt like it :|

I'm pretty sure there are lots of you guys who had a playlist of songs you like to listen while reading or writing novels, well, I do too! Trying to understand words and listening to song lyrics is a little distracting for me, so while reading I like to settle with mostly chill electronic music with no lyrics (not all of them though). I think its called Ambient electronic music, but I'm not sure. Some people might think the tune is boring but not for me apparently.

My Reading Playlist

I am not an author, far from it, but I do like to write sometimes. Nothing's finished and its all currently private but... yeah. And maybe like some people, I like to listen to songs while I'm writing, because somehow it helps, a lot. Contrary to the playlist above I actually like to listen to lyrics when I'm writing. The mood is definitely happier and more up-beat this time, but not too much.

My Writing Playlist

So anyway, what do you think? have your own preferable genre of songs for your reading or writing sessions? feel free to share it down below ;)

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