Oh well hello there! It's so nice of you to drop by and actually read this random post, welcome. You might wanna skip this post or you might not but either way, you're awesome.

So in between all these Book Blitzes, Book Tours and Reviews you saw this post titled MTBABLB. What the hell is that? well, welcome to the lame attempt I did to help this blog to be less boring as it is (somehow) by posting other stuffs than the usual. Hence, the title MTBABLB that stands for making-this-blog-a-bit-less-boring. (Click here if you wanna see my other lame attempts)

Anyway, I'm gonna take this space to just fangirl, so bare with me. I don't know if any of you guys watched The Flash but can we all just appreciate Danielle Panabaker's Killer Frost in this week's episode?

Like Damn I am completely and utterly straight but I just can't with badass female characters. I've been waiting for Killer Frost since season one so this unnecessary post is to be expected. I was worried that Danielle looked too nice to be able to capture that evil looking Killer Frost (Points at the one in Batman: Assault on Arkham), but she looked pretty wicked here, right? YAS VILLAINS YAS. 50/50 for the tv-series-budget-look, I mean, that's obviously a wig... but overall I'm pretty satisfied. 

And thats it. Wow this post is so interesting. In case you didn't get it, that me being sarcastic, I love you for reading this. I'll come back with more important posts, I promise. 

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