[MOVIE REVIEW] Assassin's Creed

May contain SPOILERS, be warned.  The range of amazing casts for this video game franchise had promised so much when in the end, it seem ...

May contain SPOILERS, be warned. 

The range of amazing casts for this video game franchise had promised so much when in the end, it seem to be another proof that video game adaptations are tough. Although complimented with great casts, stunts, costume, and soundtrack it just seem that the plot itself didn’t quite satisfy me personally.

The movie revolves around the inmate on a death row Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) and his lookalike ancestor from the 15th century Spain, Aguilar. Aguilar was a part of a group of Assassins who live to protect the Apple of Eden, who in return has been fighting the Templars to keep it safe. Cal was saved by the organisation called Abstergo, which are a corporate arm of the Knights Templar, who are the antagonist for trying to destroy free will and control human race through the Apple, for it contains the “genetic code of free will” (input eye-roll).

The way the movie went back and forth between the present and when the main character, Callum went back and revive his ancestor’s memories in Spain, 1492 has been interesting enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. And like I mentioned previously, the stunts had been extraordinary, paired with great CGI the movie is definitely a step forward compared to the other video game franchise that came out previously. But unfortunately, all those positive points are not enough of a recipe for a great movie.

There were just so many questions at the beginning, which are expected in watching movies so it doesn’t matter much, but it wasn’t quite explained properly until it reached the end, which is bad. And what was kind of my off point is that even when the credit rolls I still can’t point where Sofia’s (a doctor that are responsible for the machine that lets Abstergo access memories and is the daughter of Abstergo's leader, played by Marion Cotillard) moral lies, black or white, which is usually good too but in this case just made her come across as indecisive. And yes, I had to leave the cinema with tons of questions in my head. The Apple of Eden holds the “genetic code of free will” because? how the F can Abstergo can utilitise this Apple to destroy free will? I have no idea. And damn, is it only me or was the ending to damn easy? There was just too many loop holes in the plot to let me enjoy the movie peacefully.

But overall, despite the plot the movie was quite entertaining. If you’re in it for the stunts and action, this can be your movie. Would I recommend this movie? yeah, it’s not as bad as people said. Compared to the other video game franchise such as the recent Warcraft, I would say that Assassin’s Creed are a lot better. It is enough for me to gain an interest in playing the game at least (and I don’t play games). All I got to say is that, it could’ve been better.

[6.5 out of 10]

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