[Review] A Long Walk Home by Piper Landen

A Long Walk Home by Piper Landen Series: Happawly Ever After #1 Publisher: Patchwork Press Published: December 27 2016 ...

A Long Walk Home

by Piper Landen
Series: Happawly Ever After #1
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Published: December 27 2016

It’s going to take more than a little luck and a lost dog to bring two lost souls together. 

When a crooked-eared dog with a big heart and no owner to be found sprinted across Casey’s path, she had no way of knowing just how much her life would change. After agreeing to temporarily foster the lost mutt, she finds a new purpose in working with a local rescue—despite having no idea how to take care of a dog. She can barely take care of herself. 

A lost dog isn't the only chance encounter Casey will have at her local park. 

Charlie may have known a lot more about dogs than Casey, but it was his green eyes and relentless smile that first drew her to him. But, as the two of them connect and sparks fly, Charlie’s past comes back for him. They will both have to decide whether to face their secrets or let their pasts hold them back from finding happiness together.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review.
A Long Walk Home is a really sweet and short read, perfect for those who are looking for something less heavy and emotionally consuming compared to most of the contemporary novels out there.

Piper Landen had succeeded in serving a great and engaging writing style that complimented the characters and plot. Despite all that, I regret to say that other than the heroine, Casey, I fail to have a 'connection' with the other characters. As a reader who are used to romance novels with tortured souls, the Hero, Charlie, had felt too perfect somehow. He did end up with a couple of personal conflicts that was mentioned to be "secrets", but I feel a tad disappointed that it wasn't quite explored or explained at the end. And for something that could potentially be the main conflict (since it's labeled contemporary romance) the "secrets" didn't seem as significant as it was promised. I get that the novel focus more about the rescue of the adorable Husky mix, Baloo, but I would have thought that exploring the romance could advantage the plot even more.

On the other hand, those tiny issues did not lessen the pleasure of reading this book. The plot is great, the puppy was adorable, and the writing style was just two thumbs up. The fact that I devoured it in a day or less means that I will still undoubtedly recommending this book.


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