(review) The Boy From The Woods by Jen Minkman

The Boy From The Woods by Jen Minkman Release date: December 1st 2013 Publisher: Patchwork Press Pages: 300 Source: Netgalley (eb...

Release date: December 1st 2013
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Pages: 300
Source: Netgalley (ebook)

Julia fell down on her knees next to his lifeless body, her heart filling with dread as she noticed the left side of his face was covered in blood. He had fallen off the motorbike, hitting his temple on a sharp-edged rock. His head injury looked really, really bad. “Michael?” she whispered softly, putting a trembling hand on his forehead. “Can you hear me?” 
Julia has been in love with Michael for years. He’s the hottest guy in school, and she can’t believe her luck when they finally hit it off during Senior Prom. Her dream doesn’t last, though: after a few dates, he callously dumps her out of the blue. Summer vacation starts with Julia feeling heart-broken and miserable.
But then she rescues Michael in the woods when he has a motorcycle accident in a heavy thunderstorm. From that point onward, her life is turned upside down. Michael has changed completely after the blow to the head that nearly killed him... and he wants her back. But why is he so different? And will she be able to trust him this time around? Can the boy who broke your heart ever win it back again..?

So I dodge a book because something bad happened to my favorite character and decided to read this first. But then it turns out to be as painful. I think authors, not just Jen Minkman, love to see me cry these days. Too many tragic things happening in lots of novels I read *sigh*

The Boy From The Woods is about the innocent girl named Julia. She was fond of fairy tales that she always pictured her all-time-crush to be a wonderful man. All of it was shattered when Michael, her love, turns out to be a nasty monster instead (not speaking literally). But then one day, Julia found him at the woods, all bleeding and unconscious and by miracle, Michael was save. But something really off was happening since then, Michael wasn't the bad guy Julia despised-yet-love anymore. Now, Michael was all about nice, friendly, and sweet. But what really happened to the old nasty Michael?

This book was like a mixture between a poetry and a fairytale then written in the form of a novel. And the way the author chose to write it in third person emphasis the 'fairytale feeling', as if it was really a fairytale. The Boy From The Woods was both beautiful and really sad. I did mention 'poetry' and 'fairytale' before, but did I mention a child abduction? yes, there's a speck of CSI in there too (well, sort of). At first it was all about heartbreak and to tell the truth, it felt a bit boring. But then it gets more and more exciting. Total page turner. The characters were really cool, yet I just felt neutral about them. You know, sometimes you get really connected with a character that he/ she actually felt like a real person, and sometimes you just can't connect with them and it all was flat. In this case, it was between the two option, so neutral. I admired the main characters though, Julia and Michael. Julia is really nice that I would love to be friends with her, and Michael... he's just being himself and I loved him. Well, the Michael-before-accident was a total douche bag but the new Michael was really damn sweet. As for the other characters, they are really awesome. period.

On the other hand, I got some issues with this book. Everything was perfect but sometimes I felt that the plot was a bit rushed. Julia was at work this paragraph then suddenly she was at home the other paragraph, it's not that big of a deal though. And that's it. Overall, I love this book even though I only gave it 4/5. And I can't help but say it again, this book is so BEAUTIFUL. You should read it ASAP. Just one last note to you to-be-readers: prepare your heart, because it is going to be painful yet still beautiful.

I would like to thank Patchwork Press for sending a copy and Jen Minkman for the super awesome tale.

4 EYES OPEN (4/5)

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