(review) Dark Summer Dreams by Danube Adele

Dark Summer Dreams by Danube Adele Release date: June 9th 2014 Publisher: Carina Press Source: netgalley I freed hi...

Dark Summer Dreams
by Danube Adele
Release date: June 9th 2014
Publisher: Carina Press
Source: netgalley
Dark Summer Dreams (Dreamwalkers, #2)
I freed him from imprisonment, only to become his pawn.

I, Shandria Langston, last remaining daughter of the leader of the Sunan, was charged with an impossible task. I had to rescue Kraggon Dragmor—sworn enemy of my people—from the death chamber. If I refused, our world as we know it would be destroyed.

Oh, but was he happy with my sacrifice? No. Instead of being properly appreciative of this selfless act, of being grateful that I tended to him through a deathly illness, the bastard's kidnapped me. I'm "a symbol of retribution for his people." The man has no heart.

I have only one advantage in captivity: I can read Kraggon's thoughts. I know that he can't afford to admit that I empathize with his people. He can't afford to admit that I am more beautiful than any woman he's ever seen, or allow me to fire his blood with every look…and he can't afford to admit that he'll do anything to save me, that I've become his heart.

I'm not really sure how you separate books into Adult and New Adult. I thought I knew the difference, that New Adult doesn't have that much details as much as Adult novels, but now I'm not sure. Because, guys, let's face it, Dark Summer Dreams is sizzling hot, and they say it's an NA. (Feel free to explain what New Adult really is, it would be highly appreciated) not that I'm complaining, because I do read Adult novels, so I'm ok with it.

I'm not sure about the whole background since I haven't read the first book yet, all I know is that this novel took place somewhere that is not Earth. Our main heroine, Shandria Langston is the last remaining daughter of the leader of Sunan (is it a country or is it a world I'm not sure), has been hiding all her life, spending years alone with only her grandmother and animals of the forest to company her. It was lonely, sure, but when she was charged to an impossible task-that could end her life-perhaps being lonely wasn't that bad after all. But that is before she met Kraggon of course, the subject of her impossible task and the sworn enemy of Sunan. And one thing leads to another... I'm not going to reveal everything, okay. Read it!

So as I was saying, this book is hot. In fact it was one of the hottest book I've ever encountered. There will be a few (a lot) of hot scenes happening here, so I wouldn't recommend this to you guys who is not game for sizzling hot and sexy scenes. And one of the reasons why I loved this book, is because there is chemistry. It's not all about sex and hot scenes, there are also sweet caresses that melt my heart. Love love love the romance. Shandria and Kraggon wasn't exactly all flowers and hearts when they first met, but you could literally feel the love (and lust) growing by time. It was sweet (and hot).

Writing style is really important for Adult, Erotic, or Na, writing style is the main reason a reader could feel the intensity of something-hot-that-is-happening in the book. And Ms. Danube Adele totally nailed it. I could promise you that this book could leave you hot and bothered.

One thing though, I felt that the main conflict is not solved yet by the end of the book. I was hoping Shandria could settle things with her parents and especially, Sunan. But it's not there, and I'm a bit dissapointed. Nevertheless, every other thing about this book is delicious. Recommended to you guys who are game for hot tough guys (who's also not from Earth) with gentle touches and sweet smile, who would also leave you hot and bothered. Get to know Kraggon, and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

4 EYES OPEN (4/5)

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